Good luck to Ukraine !

News  02.03.2022

Wherever possible, we offer support to people in Ukraine or who have fled the crisis area.
Through donations in kind from our employees or through special conditions for projects and reconstruction.
We also no longer deliver products from or to Russia. We have taken the "Moscow" solar lamp out of our range.
The improved replacement model is called "Solar Light Kiev", which has been specially adapted to the climatic conditions.

In this context, I ask everyone to make donations, whether in kind or in cash, and take them to an aid organisation,
e.g. Caritas, Malteser, Red Cross or even private initiatives.  A friend went shopping today, all food from the supermarket.
He packed it in a big box and off to an aid organisation. I was thrilled to discover helpful people everywhere.
Preferably non-perishable food, cereal bars, water in plastic bottles, bandages, nappies. This is what is needed most.
I thank all the helpers - everyone can do something.
I wish everyone that peace will return quickly and that peaceful coexistence will be possible.

Martin Georgi
Manager and human being