About GEO-Technik

  • Martin Georgi
    (CEO and founder)
  • Kathrin Schuetz
    Kathrin Schuetz
    (Physicist B.Sc., ppa)
  • Natalie Rosier
    Natalie Sachs
    (Sales Manager)
  • Markus Schuetz Markus Schuetz
    (Production management)
Administration GEO-Technik is manufacturer and exporter for professional lighting since 1978
The aim of the company was the development, trade and repair of audio equipment, lighting equipment and other electronic systems.
In 1999, the company headquarter was relocated to Kahl in Bavaria.
Reorganisation: GEO-Technik specialised in lighting systems for TV studios, theatres, lighting for industry, outdoor lighting and streets.
In 2005, GEO-Technik founded a new department with the aim of developing and producing solar luminaires. In the meantime, this area has developed into our most important segment. 
 We operate our own development, our own manufacturing and a quality management.
The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal.
  • Own Solar Light Designs
  • Made in Germany
  • Production to customers specification
  • High quality standard
  • Regular products tests
  • Product trainings for our customers
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Many more technical explanations
can be found in our "small light lexicon"   at info.dimmer.de