Profile Spotlights

Profile spotlights

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Profile-Spot CDM 150W
TA-1396 | Remainder item Remainder item
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Profile Spot PSL 1000W  22-40°
TA-1361-C | Remainder item Remainder item
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Projector spot lights with dual-lens system for high light collection even at a larger distance lighting.
Suitable as front-of-stage spotlight (assembly in the auditorium), or as follow-spot for manual panning.
The size of the beam can be adjusted with zoom systems. The beam is circular. The border crossing can be set to soft or sharp. Color transparencies can be mounted in front of the headlights. In addition, an optional iris is used for rapid change of light and circular cone diameter. With shutters can also be achieved angular projections. With an optional gobos gobo holder can also be used for large screen projections (logo) to enable.