MH, Sodium and LED Floodlights and Spotlights

Spotlights, floodlights, LED spotlights

Energy saving luminaires with discharge lamps or LED for hall- or outdoor-lighting.
They are aprx. 5 times brighter than quartz lights with the same power. Further, the service life of the lamps is extremely high (6,000 - 15,000 hours in comparison to incandescent lamps with only 1,000 h) The light bulbs are not included.
HQI, HPI, HTI, MH, HIE = Metal halide discharge lamp - White light, good colour rendering. (galleries, workspaces and building sites)
HQL, HPL, HME = Mercury vapor discharge lamp - White light, less light quality. (Street lighting, factories)
SON, NAV, HSE, HPS = Sodium pressure lamp - yellow light, highest efficiency. (Street lighting or illumination of historical buildings)
LED = Any desired light color, very high to extremely high efficiency. (Street lighting, illumination of advertising signs, buildings, lighting of parking lots and building sites)