UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply System 12kW

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  • VS-USV012
Secure electrical supply for temporary interruptions of the power grid. Ready for installation... more
Product information "UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply System 12kW"
Electricity Backup at power blackout. Security for Home, ICU, emergency room, office, shop, etc. Complete system with batteries.
Secure electrical supply for temporary interruptions of the power grid. Ready for installation with manual, cables and terminals: 16 pcs. or 40 pcs. back-up batteries AGM 12V 200Ah longlife and maintenance-free. Inverter 230V / 400V 50Hz, 3-phase, 12,000 watts continuous power, pure sine wave, maximum reliability. Short-term peak load (inrush current) 15 kW. Operating time: 2.5 / 7.5 hours at 12kW continuous consumption (with fully charged batteries), Operating time: 5 / 16 hours at 6 kW continuous consumption. The higher the consumption, the shorter is the battery backup time. Inverter and batteries should be installed in an enclosed, ventilated room (eg basement). Selectable with integrated power switch / battery or mains priority precedence. Mains priority and as a test function Battery precedence. Use as backup power inverter for 3-phase 400V or 1 phase 230V AC loads. The device guarantees emergency power supply in case of failure of the power system in the steady state by its 3 phases 400V power input and the 48V battery input, providing the 3 phases 400V voltage at the output of the connected consumer. The inverter provides a pure sine wave voltage 400V AC 3-phases for high performance. It is a low-frequency transformer system with high efficiency. The management and control is taken over by a microcontroller in combination with the latest generation of MOS-FET amplifiers. The devices are among the most reliable and robust emergency power supplies, which are found worldwide. This inverter is an absolute professional tool for heavy duty use where you have to make no compromises. Here, emphasis was placed on stability and reliability. So can be operated without interruption with the devices and inductive loads such as induction cookers, lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners and highly sensitive devices such as televisions, computers, audio equipment, as well as three-phase motors and lifts. Equipment characteristics: When the normal power supply or a generator voltage is available at the AC input terminals on the rear side of the voltage converter, the inverter takes the current priority therefrom. The load is supplied at this time on AC power and no power from the battery needed. In case of power failure or drop below the minimum voltage, the inverter automatically switches seamlessly to battery operation, and consumers continue to be supplied as usual. Upon return of the power system, the system switches back automatically, and the batteries will be recharged via the power grid. The short recovery time <10 ms allows uninterrupted operation of all connected devices. Specifications: Input voltage: 48V DC (battery) / ~ 400V AC 3-phase 50Hz Output voltage: 400V ~ 50Hz three-phase and 3 phase 230V AC ~ Output power: 12000W AC pure sine wave voltage Average life expectancy of the batteries: 8 Years Warranty 5 years On batteries, we offer a 12 month warranty
System voltage: 12V / 230V
Watt total: 10KW - 20KW
23: Max. Anzahl pro Euro-Palette: 2-3 P. 120x80x95
nur Speditionstransport möglich: 2 - 3 Pal.
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