Solar Photovoltaic Power System On-Grid 3 KW

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  • S-SOL9-003
Solar power generation system for feeding into the 230V power grid. This solar power system is... more
Product information "Solar Photovoltaic Power System On-Grid 3 KW"
Complete package PV electrical energy with solar modules and synchronous grid inverter 230V 3 kWp.
Solar power generation system for feeding into the 230V power grid. This solar power system is funded by public funds!
Be the electricity supplier! The energy suppliers pay you for feeding into the power grid.

Ready-to-connect system with blueprint and:
10 high quality silicon solar modules, each 300Wp, sealed and hailproof, life expectancy approx. 25 years. The monocrystalline solar cell technology also ensures charging when the sky is cloudy. The cheaper polycrystalline solar modules only develop their performance in direct sunlight. Antiparallel diodes in each solar module prevent energy production from being interrupted if a module is shaded and can therefore no longer supply electricity. 1 OnLine synchronous inverter 3000 watts 230V 50Hz. The solar modules have sturdy aluminum frames and can be neatly attached to any sloping roof using the mounting rails provided. The fastening hooks for tiled roofs required for your roof are included in the scope of delivery. Fastenings for other roofs or stands for flat roofs rsp. We offer flooring on request. Required roof area for mounting the solar modules approx. 26 m² (module size 1817mm x 951mm each without guarantee). Recommended tilt angle of the roof: 20 ° - 45 °. The solar modules have connecting cables and watertight connectors, so that the wiring can be carried out quickly and easily to the inverter.

The electrical connection of the inverter, the meter installation and the connection to the power grid must be carried out by an approved electrical company.
Annual yield in Germany: approx. 3100 KWh This corresponds approximately to the annual electricity consumption of a 1-family house with 2 people.

The inverter (converter) works transformerless with an efficiency of up to 96%. Nominal continuous output 2800 watts Max. Output 3000 watts Ambient temperature -25 ° C to + 50 ° C Intelligent MPP (Maximum Power Point Tracking): The efficiency of the solar modules is used up to 30% better. Input voltage range 120V DC ... 500V DC input current max. 18 A nominal output voltage 230 V AC 50Hz / 60Hz (automatically adjusting) Single-phase feed Extensive communication accessories for data acquisition by PC. 5 years warranty (optional 10 years)
For indoor and outdoor use (IP65)

When ordering this package, we need precise information about your roof: inclination angle and roofing, e.g. Frankfurt pans etc., so that we can deliver the appropriate brackets to hold the modules securely even during a storm.
Gewicht netto (kg): 308
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 2000 - 3600
nur Speditionstransport möglich: sped
Bewegungsmelder: S-SOL9-003
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