Solar Photovoltaic Off-Grid System 230V 1000W

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Solar powered power generation system for generating 12V / DC and 230V AC voltage. Areas of... more
Product information "Solar Photovoltaic Off-Grid System 230V 1000W"
Solar isle energy system to generate 230 volt 1000 watt for operation of lighting or electrical appliances.
Solar powered power generation system for generating 12V / DC and 230V AC voltage.
Areas of application: vineyard, gazebo, allotment, alpine hut, water pump, animal stable ...
To provide electrical energy at night or when the sky is cloudy,
the system is equipped with batteries.

Energy storage:
AGM longlife solar battery.
Capacity: 2.4 KWH
Voltage: 24V
Operating time with fully charged battery 10 hours with 150 watts of constant consumption
(or 24 hours at 75 W continuous load / continuous operation 20W).
The higher the consumption, the shorter the operating time will be.
We recommend switching on the inverter only when necessary.

Output voltage: 230V 50 Hz
Single Phase
Modified sine
Continuous load: 1000 W.
Short-term peak load (starting current for motors): 2500 W
Efficiency: 98%
Short circuit protection and overload shutdown.
Standby power consumption only 2W
Temperature range: 0 - 55 ° C
Housing: aluminum
Dimensions: L 344mm, W 122mm, H 79mm
The inverter must be placed in a house or hut.

Charge Controller:
MPPT for up to 30% higher energy gain from the solar module.
Overcharge protection and deep discharge protection.
Charging current: 15A

Solar modules:
Power: 265Wp
Efficiency: 17%
sealed and hail proof,
Life expectancy about 25 years
The high-quality solar cell technology ensures charging even under cloudy skies.
Dimensions: 1650 x 1000 x 46mm without guarantee, with stable aluminum frame

The system is delivered ready for connection and consists of the following components:
1 solar module,
1 inverter
2 solar batteries
2 mounting brackets for solar module for mounting on a flat roof or slightly inclined roof. (other installation options on request)
1 solar charge controller
6 meters of cable to the solar modules.
battery cable
Assembly Instructions

The inverter must be placed in the house or in a weatherproof housing (housing not included)
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 1000 - 1800
nur Speditionstransport möglich: 2/Pal
Gewicht netto (kg): 95.0000
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 24/50
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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