Mobile Solar Generator 220V 1KW

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  • S-SOLAR98-2
Solar powered PV energy supply stand-alone system for generating 230V AC voltage 50Hz Robust... more
Product information "Mobile Solar Generator 220V 1KW"
Independent solar power supply system with batteries and inverter 230 volt for home, event or building site.
Solar powered PV energy supply stand-alone system for generating 230V AC voltage 50Hz
Robust generator trolley for quick deployment.
The generator can be charged via solar modules, a wind turbine or directly via the 230V power grid.
One or more solar modules can be connected, but they are not included in the scope of delivery.
The photovoltaic generator can be moved to the place of use to draw power.
The individually secured plug connections and switching devices are easily accessible.
Applications: Areas with unsafe power supply, events, houses with frequent power cuts, rescue operations, operations by THW, Red Cross, military or police.

Technical specifications:
Power capacity 3000 Wh
Continuous load max. 1000 watts
Peak load max. 3000 watts / 10 sec.
Operating time with fully charged batteries:
24 hours at 125 watts of constant consumption,
10 hours at 300 W continuous consumption,
3 hours at 1000 W continuous consumption.
The lower the consumption, the longer the operating time will be.

2 x Schuko socket 10A
2 circuit breakers 10A
Pure sine wave 50 Hz + - 0.2%
THD: 3%
Efficiency 85 - 90%
Power consumption when idle 0.4A / 24V
Low battery alarm function.
Protection against overload, wrong polarity or short circuit.

Solar modules are not included and can be ordered as required.
Max. connectable module power: 880 watts.
Solar input voltage range: 21V - 46V
Max. solar current: 20 A
Charging time in direct sunlight 12 hours,
Charging time in diffuse sunlight 48 hours,
Solar Charge Controller
Maintenance free high performance solar lead gel battery 120Ah 24V.
Dimensions: length 64cm, width 67cm, height 61cm.
The generator trolley consists of sheet steel, coated with a scratch-resistant color.
Tires filled with air
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 1000 - 1800
nur Speditionstransport möglich: LKW
Gewicht netto (kg): 98.0000
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 27/54 ohne Paletten
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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