Mobile Solar Irrigation Power Generator Trailer

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  • S-SOLW810
Fields of application: field irrigation, field, vines, meadows, drainage of construction sites,... more
Product information "Mobile Solar Irrigation Power Generator Trailer"
Independent Photovoltaic off-grid power supply generator 230V with PV modules and inverter 230 volt 3.6 kW.
Fields of application: field irrigation, field, vines, meadows, drainage of construction sites, filling of water tanks. Robust power generator on a hinged trailer. The solar panels are collapsed for transport. Technical specifications: The system supplies pump current only during the day. For slow pump operation in the early morning hours and safe start-up of the pumps, The system is equipped with a VFC control which allows the motor to start at a low frequency and therefore at a lower speed. Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 60 ° C Suitable for 3-phase motors 220V - 230V / 380V - 400V / 50Hz-60Hz to 3.0 kW (about 4HP) Solar module Specifications: Monocrystalline silicon with very high efficiency Hardened protective glass, sealed and hailproof The high-quality solar cell technology also ensures pump operation in a cloudy sky. Efficiency:> 17% Power: 3600Wp Life expectancy: approx. 25 years 20 years 80% performance guarantee 10 years 90% performance guarantee * Except for mechanical impact Inverter: MPPT Maximum PowerPoint Tracking for up to 30% more power from the solar modules. Maximum output power 4000W Short-term peak load (starting current) 5 kVA Output voltage: 230V / 400V Three Phase Frequency: 1 - 50 Hz, pure sine wave Efficiency: 98% Short circuit protection and overload cut-off. Standby power consumption only 6W Temperature range: 0 - 55 ° C Housing: aluminum Connections : 1 x CEE socket 5-pole three-phase 16A 1 fuse box 3 x 16A, Dimensions: length 605cm, width 254cm, height 254cm. When folded out: length 605cm, width 504cm, height 314cm. The solar modules are mounted in aluminum frames. The fold-out construction is made of galvanized steel. The generator container consists of steel plate, scratch-resistant colored.
Gewicht netto (kg): 2440
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 6000 - 9000
nur Speditionstransport möglich: LKW
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 0/1
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