Integrated LED All-In-One Solar Light 30W

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  • LT-SOL-AOX23
Robust photovoltaic street light with LED lamp - no power connection required. Recommended for... more
Product information "Integrated LED All-In-One Solar Light 30W"
Photovoltaic road light fixture for easy and quick installation. With motion detector for lighting on demand.
Robust photovoltaic street light with LED lamp - no power connection required.
Recommended for countries with many sunny days, such as Southern Europe, Philippines, Africa, South America,
or for lighting via motion detectors, e.g. Recycling center, building yard, courtyard, parking lot.
Installation on masts or on a wall.
The brightness is comparable to an 80W mercury lamp or 50W sodium lamp.
Long lighting operation due to special design features.
The solar lamp is maintenance-free - (only the solar module should be cleaned occasionally with water).

General technical data:
Illuminated area: approx. 25 x 10m
Recommended mast spacing: approx. 20 - 25 meters
For wall mounting or mast mounting 60-89mm mast diameter.
Recommended installation height: 4 - 6m
Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Protection class: III safety extra low voltage
Certification marks: CE, RoHS, WEEE
Robust aluminum housing
Dimensions: 1098mm * 227mm * 164mm
Warranty: 3 years

LED specification:
LED lamp: SMD chipset
LED power: 30W
Energy efficiency class A +++
Light color: 4000K neutral white (on special order also 3000K warm white).
No UV radiation for reduced insect attraction
LED efficiency: > 110 lm / w
Luminaire efficiency: > 100 lm / w
Luminous flux: 2700 lm
Central illuminance: > 10 lux (6m height)
Average light intensity:> 6 Lux (6m)
LED lifespan approx. 40,000 hours
Degree of protection: IP65 (water and storm protected).

Motion Sensor:
Twilight switch for automatic switch-on in the dark
PIR motion detector
Detection angle: 120 °
Detection distance: 7-10m

Light Control:
Microprocessor control (can be ordered from 10 lights with infrared remote control option).
Automatic switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise.
Automatic dimming during the night in idle mode to 20%.
When the motion detector is activated, the lighting switches briefly to 100%.
Full lighting duration approx. 1 min.
Temperature-optimized battery charging and trickle charging to protect the batteries.
Overvoltage and deep discharge protection for batteries.

Solar module specifications:
Monocrystalline silicon
tempered protective glass
Efficiency: > 16%
Power: 35Wp
Life expectancy: about 20 years

Battery storage:
High-performance solar lithium-ion iron accumulator LiFePo4
Battery voltage: 12V
maintenance-free, longlife.
For solar cycle operation
Service life approx. 10 years / 20 ° C
Function even at low temperatures.
Self-sufficient operating time in overcast weather (with fully charged battery): 1 day (10 hours)

A suitable mast as well as a remote control can be ordered.
Watt (Lamp): 20 - 39
Light source type: LED
Watt total: 20 - 39
System voltage: Solar
Light current [lumen]: 2000-2900
Systemstrom: 100-1200mA
Gewicht netto (kg): 9.8000
Mind. Bestellmenge: 5
Bewegungsmelder: ja
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