Solar Park Pole Light Globe Design 15W LED

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  • LT-SOL07-H
Elegant in design and stable construction - no power connection required. Easy self-assembly and... more
Product information "Solar Park Pole Light Globe Design 15W LED"
Decorative and professional solar lamp for public garden and pedestrian precinct. Made in Germany.
Elegant in design and stable construction - no power connection required. Easy self-assembly and environmentally friendly. Energy efficiency class A +++ Light source: Bright high performance SMD LED Luminous flux: 1600 Lm The brightness corresponds to a 160W incandescent lamp Light color: 4000K pleasantly neutral white (no cold, blue light). LED life: over 30,000 hours The LEDs can be easily replaced. Acrylic ball with 400mm diameter Solar Panel: 100W monocrystalline silicon (tempered protective glass, hailproof) approx. 25 years life expectancy. The high quality module technology also ensures charging in cloudy skies. On dark days in winter, the recharging is limited, the light duration is thus reduced. Light Controller: Automatic switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise. Adjustable dimming during late night and full power in the morning to extend battery life. Operating time / duration (please specify when ordering) You have the option from dawn to choose 4 consecutive time blocks with 1-15 hours duration and different light intensity of 10-100%. Example 1: Night reduction with shutdown and morning light From dusk 4 hours with 100%, then 2 hours with 50%, starting 3 hours off (0%) and again 5 hours with 100% Example 2: Night shutdown 4 hours 100%, 4 hours 0%, 5 hours 100% Example 3: Reduced 4 hours with 100%, then 10 hours (rest of the night) with 50% In addition, the charge controllers are equipped with a smart power function that allows automatic dimming at night depending on the battery charge level. If the battery voltage drops below 50%, the lamp is automatically dimmed to 50%, this process is decreasing until the deep discharge protection starts. This setting allows safe operation even on the faint days in winter. The charge controller settings are preset by us according to customer requirements. If you want to change the settings, you need the remote control S-SOLS29. We will gladly help you to decide on the right presettings. All functions are preprogrammed by us according to project and customer specification, so that the luminaire is ready for operation immediately after assembly. The light control is conveniently accessible behind a lockable flap in the mast. Steel mast height 400cm, Ø 60mm galvanized (additional scratch-resistant powder coated). For setting in concrete (optional for construction with base plate). Max. Light intensity: 6.5 lux Light environment Ø approx. 30 meters / height 400 cm Ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 45 ° C Protection class: IP54 Maintenance-free - (only the solar cells should be freed from snow or leaves if necessary). 10 years availability guarantee for spare parts. Battery storage: Battery: lithium iron phosphate LiFePo4 12V, maintenance-free, longlife, for solar cycle operation Lifetime approx. 6 - 10 years / 20 ° C Function even at low or high temperatures. For extended service on dark winter days, we recommend our extension set autumn or winter. Self-sufficient operating time in overcast weather (with fully charged battery): a) Basic version: 2 days (18 hours) b) with extension set autumn: 4 days (36 hours) c) with extension set winter: 6 days (54 hours) The new emergency lighting function ensures the lighting even with low battery charge during very long periods of bad weather, but with reduced luminosity. The batteries are located in the mast, behind the lockable door. Delivery disassembled with the following components: LED lamp head with mast mounting, High performance solar lead gel accumulator, Solar module with stable, screw-down mast mounting, Galvanized steel mast, height 4 meters + ground piece 800mm for setting in concrete, Microprocessor light control (located in the mast). Illustrated assembly instructions in German or English. Other languages ??on request. All components are pre-wired and prepared for quick setup. 20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts. The ready-to-use light comes disassembled, complete with solar panel and mast.
Gewicht netto (kg): 54
Light source type: LED
Light current [lumen]: 1000-1900
Lamp base: E27
Light distribution: 360
Watt (Lamp): 10 - 19
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 10 - 19
nur Speditionstransport möglich: ja
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 80/174
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