Solar Park Light Pole LED Double Lamp Moritz

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  • LT-SOL10-2
Bell light - elegant in design and reliable - no power connection required. Use: Bicycle lane... more
Product information "Solar Park Light Pole LED Double Lamp Moritz"
Decorative and professional solar double lamp with 4m pole for garden or pathways. Made in Germany.
Minimum order is 5 pcs.
Bell light - elegant in design and reliable - no power connection required. Use: Bicycle lane lighting, footpaths, parking, driveway, pedestrian area, bike paths etc.
Energy efficiency class A +++
Easy self-assembly and environmentally friendly.
Light source: Two bright LED bulbs
Luminous flux: 2 x 600 lumens
The brightness corresponds to two 60W incandescent bulbs
Light color: 4000K pleasantly neutral white (no cold, blue light).
LED life: 50,000 hours
The LEDs can be easily replaced.
Solar Panel: 100W monocrystalline silicon (tempered protective glass, hailproof) approx. 25 years life expectancy. The high quality module technology also ensures charging in cloudy skies. On dark days in winter, the recharging is limited, the light duration is thus reduced.
Maintenance-free high-performance solar lead gel battery, longlife type, service life: 5 - 8 years.

Intelligent control: Automatic switch-on and switch-off at dusk.
Adjustable midnight break (lit when needed only in the evening and in the morning).
Overcharge protection, deep discharge protection and automatically temperature-adapted characteristic curve to extend the battery life.
The light control is conveniently located behind a lockable door in the mast.

Steel mast height 400cm, Ø 60mm galvanized (optionally additionally scratch-resistant powder-coated).
For setting in concrete (optional for construction with base plate).

Operating conditions: Daily operation in overcast weather: 30h / 2 - 3 days
Light environment = mast spacing: Ø 18 meters Ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 45 ° C
Degree of protection IP44, class II Maintenance-free - (only the solar cells should be freed from snow or leaves if necessary).

Included in delivery: high-performance solar battery and module, as well as luminaire mast and lamps.
Good function even at low temperature.

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Made from 5 pcs order quantity
Light source type: LED
Watt (Lamp): 6 - 9
Light current [lumen]: 1000-1900
Lamp base: E27
Light distribution: 360
System voltage: Solar
Watt total: 10 - 19
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