Solar Floodlight LED on demand 140W with pole 8m

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  • LT-SOL-AF50
Robust photovoltaic space lighting with LED lamp - no power connection required. High light... more
Product information "Solar Floodlight LED on demand 140W with pole 8m"
Photovoltaic area light fixture switchable 2* 70w power LED and 8m mast for sport place, riding range, building site, maintenance applications. Made in Germany.
Robust photovoltaic space lighting with LED lamp - no power connection required. High light intensity - The brightness is comparable to 1200 watt halogen light.
The lighting is switched on as required using a switch. Switching off takes place automatically after 1 or 2 hours via an adjustable timer. Switching off is not forgotten and the battery is not over-discharged. The galvanized steel mast and the entire structure are so robust that stepping in is pointless. The LED floodlight can be rotated and swiveled.
All functions are preprogrammed by us free of charge according to the project and customer specifications, so that the luminaire is ready for operation immediately after assembly.

Solar module (without extension):
Polycrystalline silicon 265W with very high efficiency (hardened protective glass, hailproof), approx. 25 years life expectancy. This high-quality module technology also ensures charging when the sky is overcast.
All brackets and fastenings are hot-dip galvanized (for a surcharge also with a paint finish on request) The screws are made of stainless steel VA.

Robust LED lamp head made of die-cast aluminum with a high degree of protection (water and storm-proof).
The solar lamp is maintenance-free - (only the solar module should be cleaned occasionally with water).

Technical specifications:
2x LED lamp: Power LED chipset 70W
LED lifespan: approx.40,000 hours
Energy efficiency class: A +++
Luminous flux:> 13800 lm
Light color: 4000K neutral white
Illuminated area: approx. 25 x 20m
Mast height: 8 m

Autonomous operating time in overcast weather (with fully charged battery):
a) Basic version: 6 hours
b) with autumn extension set: 9 hours
c) with winter extension set: 12 hours
For sufficient operational safety in autumn or winter, we strongly recommend our expansion sets.

Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C (expansion possible on request)
Solar battery: lead gel 12V, maintenance-free, longlife.
Lifespan 5 - 10 years / 20 ° C
Temperature-optimized battery charging and trickle charging to protect the batteries.
Overvoltage and deep discharge protection for batteries. Reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
Protection class luminaire head: IP66
Protection class battery box: IP66
Protection class luminaire control: IP67
Protection class: III safety extra low voltage
Certification marks: CE, RoHS, WEEE

Delivery disassembled with the following components:
2 x LED lamp head with mast attachment, solar module with stable, screwable mast attachment,
Galvanized steel mast, height 8 meters + base 1300mm for concreting,
Microprocessor light control (is easily accessible behind a lockable door in the mast).
Energy storage with floor installation box made of ABS, waterproof, walkable, dimensions 550 x 550 x 480mm.
Illustrated assembly instructions in German or English.
Other languages ​​on request.

All components are pre-wired and prepared for quick assembly.
20-year availability guarantee for spare parts.
The ready-to-use lamp is delivered disassembled, complete with solar module, mast, battery and lamp.
Light source type: LED
System voltage: Solar
Watt (Lamp): 110 - 190
Watt total: 110 - 190
Light current [lumen]: 13800
Light distribution: 2x 60
nur Speditionstransport möglich: 1 Pal 120x 80x 100cm + 1 Bund 560cm
Gewicht netto (kg): 200.0000
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 48 / 100
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