Solar Lighting for Bus Shelter

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  • S-SOLAR80-3
Bright PV solar lighting with LED, solar panel, battery and solar control. 4 year warranty,... more
Product information "Solar Lighting for Bus Shelter"
Independent LED solar lighting for stops, bus shelters, bus stops.
With motion detectors and additional permanent lighting for the timetable or an advertising board.
Bright PV solar lighting with LED, solar panel, battery and solar control.
4 year warranty, excluding batteries.

Impact-resistant LED light strips made of aluminum:
2 light strips 50cm for mounting in the waiting house,
1 light bar 50cm to illuminate the timetable board.
Light color 4000K natural white.
Pleasant brightness approx. 40 lux / 1.8 m
Dimensions of the LED light strips: length 500mm, W 20mm, H 10mm

Function options:
1 solar control with twilight switch and time control.
With motion detector Automatic switch-on in the dark,
1: Timetable or advertising sign lighting always active at night (with timer). The bright lighting in the waiting area is only switched on when required using the motion detector.
2: Dimming control (see charge controller setting options).

Charge controller settings:
Time-dependent shutdown functions are possible.

Solar module specifications:
Monocrystalline silicon with very high efficiency
tempered protective glass, hailproof
This high-quality module technology also ensures charging when the sky is overcast.
Efficiency:> 16%
Power: 100Wp (without extension)
Life expectancy: approx. 25 years
Performance guarantee * 20 years 80% / 10 years 90% *
except under mechanical influence
Module dimensions: approx. 1190 x 540 x 35mm.
Fastening: Optionally available with mounting brackets for screw-on mounting or with mast attachment bracket

Battery specifications:
1 high-performance solar battery 12 volt maintenance-free.
1 solar control with twilight switch and time control.
Autonomous light duration 70 hours (with fully charged battery).
Daily operating time 12 hours

Ready for connection with blueprint and:
1 solar battery.
1 solar control.
1 motion detector
Waterproof protective housing IP65 for battery and electronics
15m solar connection cable.
Light source type: LED
System voltage: Solar
Watt (Lamp): 15
Watt total: 15
Gewicht netto (kg): 55.0000
nur Speditionstransport möglich: 18 / Pall
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