Solar Home Lighting System 6 LED + 200W Power

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  • S-SOLUG86-6
Complete package with LED lamps, solar panel, battery and cables. Ready to plug in - plugged... more
Product information "Solar Home Lighting System 6 LED + 200W Power"
Solar power supply system 200w with 6 LED lamps for cottage or house in Africa, Asia or South America.
Complete package with LED lamps, solar panel, battery and cables.
Ready to plug in - plugged together quickly - ready to use.

System voltage: 12V
Capacity: 1800 Wh

Scope of delivery:
Solar panel 200Wp polycrystalline
Available with two different battery properties:
AGM battery 12V / 150Ah maintenance-free (lifespan: approx. 5 years) or LiFePO4 battery 12V 100Ah (lifespan: approx. 10 years)
Stable control box with solar charge controller and battery.
6 pcs LED lamps 12V / 6W
3 sets of lamp holder E27 & chain switch and 5m cable
3 sets of lamp holder E27 & chain switch and 10m cable
8m cable with plug for solar panel

Battery box:
Steel case with solar controller and battery
Plug connection PV input
6 x plug connection for lamps
2 x plug connection for additional 12V devices (fan, TV ...)
2 x USB connection for charging mobile phones
Fuse for full protection
Voltmeter for battery voltage display
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