PV Solar Lighting Set Stable

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  • S-SOLAR84
Complete package photovoltaic system with 2 bright surface-mounted lights, light switch, solar... more
Product information "PV Solar Lighting Set Stable"
Independent LED solar photovoltaic light system for storing cottage, mountain cottage, stable ...
Complete package photovoltaic system with 2 bright surface-mounted lights, light switch, solar module, battery and charge controller.
This set is not a "one box system", but consists of selected individual components.
The advantage is that you can attach the light switch to the wall, next to the entrance, where it is needed and not on the battery box.
We supply sufficient cables and an easy-to-understand connection diagram for easy installation.
The operating time is up to 13 hours when the battery is fully charged.
Average daily lighting about 2 hours.
There is sufficient reserve to connect more luminaires or small consumers to the accumulator,
however, this shortens the daily illumination time.
Upon request, we can supply more luminaires of your choice or we can assemble larger systems for you.

1 monocrystalline solar module 60W, sealed and hailproof, life expectancy approx. 20 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology also ensures charging in cloudy skies.
Module dimensions: approx. 630 x 550 x 28mm.
Mounting bracket for solar module,
2 robust ship lights with LED for inside or outside.
The brightness corresponds to 2 x 60 watt incandescent lamp.
1 high-performance solar gel battery 12 Volt maintenance-free (no car battery because of the short life span with frequent discharge).
1 solar charge controller.
1 wall switch,
25 m cable.
Gewicht netto (kg): 22
Light source type: LED
Watt (Lamp): 6 - 9
Watt total: 6 - 9
Lamp base: E27
System voltage: Solar
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