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DMX-Kabel XLR 5-Pol, 0,5m Standard
DMX data cable 5-pole, 0.5 meter
Extension or connection with male and female connector.
Order code: Z-K-DMX500
€34.15 *
Schuko-Verlängerungskabel, Gummi 25m
Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 25 meter
Rigid, 3 x 1.5², IP44
Order code: Z-K-NETG125
€38.08 *
Erdkabel NYY-J 5x2,5
Underground Cable NYY-J 5x 2.5²
Line cord max. 400 volts for in-ground.
Order code: Z-K-NE25
€2.32 *
CEE 3-Pol Adapter-Kabel 16A auf Schuko-Stecker, 3m
CEE 3-Pole Cable 16A to Schuko Plug, 3m
Verlängerungskabel mit CEE-Kupplung 16 A blau, 3-polig und Schutzkontakt-Gummistecker 230 V. Für Camping und Baustelle.
Order code: Z-K-CEE316S3
€35.85 *
DMX-Leitung Typ 050, 2-paarig
DMX data cable Typ 050, 2 pairs
Professional data line, reduced losses, shielded, free of interferences.
Order code: Z-K-2C2F05
€2.53 *
Schuko-Verlängerungskabel, Gummi 15m
Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 15 meter
Rigid, 3 x 1.5², IP44
Order code: Z-K-NETG115
€28.44 *
Silikonleitung 3G4 flex
Silicone Cable 3x 1,5 flex
SiHF 3G4,0 hitzebeständig.
Order code: Z-K-3X4S
€7.94 *
DMX-Kabel XLR 3polig, 10m Low-Cost
DMX Cable XLR 3-pole 10 meter Low Cost
Extension or connection cable low-cost for small systems.
Order code: Z-K-DMX3i10
€13.39 *
Gummischlauchleitung für Leuchten 2x4
Electrical Rubber Cable 2G 4 for Street Lighting
Schwere Gummileitung H07 RN-F 2x4
Order code: Z-K-2G4
€3.09 *
Installation Cable NYM-J 3x1,5
Installation Cable NYM-J 3x1,5
NYM 3x1,5
Order code: Z-K-NYM3X1
€0.93 *
Harting Lastkabel 16-pol, 10m
Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 10m
Extension cable 14 x 1,5² with Harting connectors male and female.
Order code: Z-K-HAR0110
€110.67 *
Erdkabel NYY-J 3x2,5 50m Ring
Underground Cable NYY-J 3x 2.5²
Line cord max. 400 volts for in-ground.
Order code: Z-K-NE23-50
€85.68 *
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