Ballast choke for metal halide 70w

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  • VG-SP070
Magnetic ballast for metal halide discharge lamps or sodium vapor lamp 70 watts. With thermal... more
Product information "Ballast choke for metal halide 70w"
Low losses magnetic ballast for mhd or hps lamp 70 watt
Magnetic ballast for metal halide discharge lamps or sodium vapor lamp 70 watts. With thermal shutdown Operating voltage: 220V - 230 volts / 50Hz ? t: 65C deg Base plate with slot and hole for the screw. Dimensions: L 110mm, W 70mm, H 52mm
Gewicht netto (kg): 1.25
Light source type: HQI MH
Watt (Lamp): 70 - 100
System voltage: 220 - 240V
Watt total: 70 - 100
Bewegungsmelder: VG-SP070
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