Street Light Alto SOX 35W LPS

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Robust aluminum housing, made in the EU. For use on existing solar systems. Also suitable for... more
Product information "Street Light Alto SOX 35W LPS"
extrem low energy consumption, operating voltage 220V AC, for LPS lamp, low pressure sodium lamp.
Robust aluminum housing, made in the EU. For use on existing solar systems. Also suitable for shaded areas with trees or covered street guides, which are supplied via a central solar module system. See our accessories list. (For underpasses and tunnels we offer stainless steel tunnel lights for mains or solar operation.) The SOX low-pressure sodium lamp has the highest efficiency, well above fluorescent, HQI, high pressure sodium and LED technology. Electronic ballast, especially low loss. The lamp requires only 36.2 watts and generates 4600 lumens (as bright as about 300 watts of halogen light). Incl. overload protected, electron. Ballast for lamp SOX 35W Socket BY22d. The bulb is already included. The light color is monochromatic yellow, 2000K The life of the light source is 18,000 hours. A robust, low-maintenance luminaire, wherever there is no power supply available. When switched on, the light needs approx. 5 - 8 minutes to reach its full brightness. In the event of a power failure and restart, the light will be back on instantly without waiting. Operating voltage 220V - 240V AC On request also available in 12V or 24V DC. For mounting on jibs (mast extension) Ø 42 - 60 mm. For straight poles (pole attachment) Ø 42 - 78 mm, the adapter Top LS-605 is additionally required. Reflector made of ultra-pure aluminum. Flat cover glass made of clear borosilicate glass. Robust die-cast aluminum housing with gray powder coating. Hood made of UV-resistant polymer. Can be opened without tools, with hinge (captive). Also for high ambient temperatures: - 30 ° C ... + 50 ° C Degree of protection IP 54 (optical system), IP 23 (supply unit). CE Protection class 3 Dimensions: L 735mm, W 355mm, H 190mm.
Watt (Lamp): 20 - 39
Watt total: 20 - 39
System voltage: 24V
Light source type: SOX LPS
Lamp base: BY22d
Länge (m): 0.0000
Gewicht netto (kg): 7.0000
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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