PV Solar Billboard Light LED Bar 1m

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  • LA-1059
With automatic lighting control, programmable, even with midnight break. Monocrystalline solar... more
Product information "PV Solar Billboard Light LED Bar 1m"
With LED light bar, solar panel, battery and automatic light controller. Up to 1.5m advertising board width.
With automatic lighting control, programmable, even with midnight break. Monocrystalline solar panel 80Wp with hard glass cover, approx. 1200mm x 540mm x 34mm, hail proof. Maintenance-free lead gel battery with approx. 10 years service life. Powerful LED light bar, swiveling 100cm long. Version 8h for approx. 8 hours of operation daily and 30 hours of autonomous operation, Version 12h for approx. 12 hours daily burning time with 40 hours max. Continuous operation with fully charged battery. The control automatically switches the lighting on at dusk and off again at sunrise. A night break can be programmed as desired to ensure a safe function even in winter. Robust plastic housing (we recommend mounting in the floor) to accommodate the battery and the controller. Incl. Cable and mounting material. With the enclosed bracket, the solar module with the lighting unit is attached to the upper edge of the shield. The solar module can be tilted forwards and backwards to set the optimum illumination angle of the sign. Furthermore, the solar module also serves as a rain cover for the billboard. The waterproof battery box can be buried in the ground. Optionally, we can also supply the system separately, so that the solar module can be placed elsewhere, e.g. behind the sign, on a mast or on a neighboring house roof, etc. We are happy to put together an individual set for you.
Light source type: LED
System voltage: Solar
Watt (Lamp): 6-9
Watt total: 6-9
Länge (m): 0.0000
Gewicht netto (kg): 27.0000
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