GeoDim 1 Single-Dimmer 2300W Schuko DMX

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  • TA-3384
For incandescent lamps, electronic transformers, magnetic transformers or 230V electronic... more
Product information "GeoDim 1 Single-Dimmer 2300W Schuko DMX"
Universal power unit for dimming or switching of loads up to 2.3 kW on trusses, for exhibition, stage, mobile use.Control by fader, DMX512 or 0-10v.
For incandescent lamps, electronic transformers, magnetic transformers or 230V electronic ballasts / fluorescent. Operation by integrated potentiometer or analogue 0-10 volts, DMX512. The DMX starting address can be set between 1 - 512. Several dimming or switching curves can be selected. Power supply over 1.3m cable and schuko-plug 230V / 50-60Hz 10A. Output over 1 Schuko-socket. Metal housing for wall-mount, truss-mount or mobile use. Made in EU, Dimensions: W 90 x H 214 mm. Protection IP 30 10 years free support Production on request - MOQ 50 pcs.
System voltage: 230V
Watt total: 2000 - 3600
Gewicht netto (kg): 1.5000
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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