Heat-resistant floodlight HID 70W / 150W

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  • LI-7900
Luminary for high ambient temperatures. Heat proof glass 180°C. Temperature alternation:... more
Product information "Heat-resistant floodlight HID 70W / 150W"
Bright HID floodlight luminair for extreme ambient temperatures such as climatic chamber, heat chamber, furnace and other industrial applications. High-temperature resistant.
Luminary for high ambient temperatures.
Heat proof glass 180°C.
Temperature alternation: Max 150°C deg per minute.
Proofed long-term operation temperature range -50°C ... +100°C. Constructed temperature range: -70°C ... +150°C
Aluminum reflector for symmetrical light distribution 60° angle.
Lamp life approx. 8000 hours
Energy saving: 70W ceramic lamp, equivalent to 300W halogen light. 150W ceramic = 550W light intensity.
Ceramic lamp HCI-TS 70W or 150W please order extra.
Supplied with a surge tank with 0.5 m metal flex-cable for installation outside the temperature range.
The control gear is also mounted outside the chamber (please order extra). Thus, only the light is directly exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity.
Case: Die-cast aluminum gray.
Swivel mounting bracket.
Protection class IP65
Dimensions: Width 280, height 210, depth 165 mm
* On request we manufacture for other lighting applications *
System voltage: 230V
Lamp base: Rx7s
Light source type: HQI MH
Watt (Lamp): 70 - 100
Watt total: 70 - 150
Länge (m): 0.0000
Gewicht netto (kg): 4.0000
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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