LED Stadium Flood Light 1000W

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  • LA-1593-8
Very bright luminary for adjustable mount on high poles or canopy. Very equal lighting on wide... more
Product information "LED Stadium Flood Light 1000W"
Very bright power floodlight LED 1000 watt. Energy saving, for large building site, football places, parking lots or airfield lighting.
Very bright luminary for adjustable mount on high poles or canopy. Very equal lighting on wide fields. With Meanwell LED driver and power stabilization for constant brightness, even at voltage fluctuations. Low power consumption, no maintenance costs, very long service life. Ready to install, including LED lamps. By the high number of power LED, there results a better heat dissipation in the fixture and an extended life time. By the hexagon design of the cooling profiles, the wind load is reduced and the cooling of the LED modules is excellent.
LED Quantity: 540 pcs Lamp
Luminous Flux: 153,600 lm
Light distribution: 30° (20° or 45° on special request)
Color temperature: 5000K (daylight), on order available with 3000K, 4000K or 6000K
Color Rendering Index: CRI > 80
Lamp Efficiency: 170 lm/W
Dimmable: On request available with 1-10V, DALI or DMX dimming
Input Voltage: AC 100 - 277V
Frequency Range: 50 - 60Hz
Power Factor: 0.95
Ambient temperature during operation: -20 Deg C ... +55 Deg C
LED power: 960W
Life time: 160,000h
Total power consumption: 1000W
Ambient humidity: 10% - 90%
Very rigid aluminium die-cast casing with black finishing and adjustable mounting bracket.
Protection grade: IP67 for outdoor and dustproof
Shockproof: IK10
Certificate:     TÜV
Dimensions: W 690mm * H 690mm * D 75mm, including mounting bracket 370mm
Light source type: LED
System voltage: 220 - 240V
Watt (Lamp): 1000 - 1800
Watt total: 1000 - 1800
Light current [lumen]: > 100000
Light distribution: 30, 30°
Color rendering index: >80
Länge (m): 0.0000
Energieklasse EEK: A+
Gewicht netto (kg): 35.0000
nur Speditionstransport möglich: 5
Max. Anzahl pro 20“ / 40“ Container: 50 / 96
Bewegungsmelder: 0.0000
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