Street lights + traffic routing

Energy-saving street luminaires in robust and durable design.
Post-top luminaires and side-entry lights in various designs with diverse light sources for city lighting or for the motorway. The required masts are not included and have to be ordered extra.
You can also find car park lighting in the category: Outdoor lighting >> Solar Parkplatzbeleuchtung
We supply the following designs:
HQI, HPI, HTI, MH, HIE = metal vapour discharge lamps - white light, good colour rendering. (petrol station, car park, delivery, work areas)
HQL, HPL, HME = Mercury vapour discharge lamps - White light, inferior light quality. (Street lighting, factories) The lamps are no longer produced.
SON, NAV, HSE = High-pressure sodium vapour lamps - yellow light, very high efficiency. (Street lighting or illumination of historical buildings
SOX, LPS = Low-pressure sodium vapour lamps. Squeaky yellow light. Highest efficiency. Particularly good visibility. (Further properties in the section "SOX street luminaires".
LED = Light Emitting Diodes - white light, highest efficiency. (The new age of street lighting)