High-Bay Fixtures 38 - 60cm

Hanging reflector lamps for rooms with high ceilings: decorative versions or large industrial designs.
Hall downlights with acrylic or aluminum reflector for illumination in airports, roller rinks, selling houses, galleries or churches.
The lights are not dimmable, but they require very little energy and use durable light source, such as metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent lamps or LED. If light fixtures for discharge lamps have no protective screen (cover), the bulbs must have a built-in splitter protection (protected / shroud).
HQI, HTI, HPI, HIE Metal vapor discharge lamp - White light, good color reproduction
. SON, NAV, HPS, HSE, HPS sodium vapor discharge lamp - yellow light.
Fluo = compact fluorescent bulb - White light, good colour reproduction.


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