Common Street Lights

Energy-saving street lights for 12V DC, 24V DC or 230V power supply. Mast lights with aluminum housing combine high weather resistance with excellent thermal dissipation, also for operation in hot ambient. The lifetime of lamp and electronic ballast, has been increased thereby. The cover is made of glass or polycarbonate to save weight,
Available for following bulb types:
HQI, HPI, HTI, MH, HIE = metal vapor discharge lamps - White light, good color reproduction. (Gas station, parking, deliveries, work areas)
HQL, HPL, HME = mercury vapor discharge lamps - White light, inferior quality of light. (Street lighting, factories), the bulbs are no longer produced.
SON, NAV, HSE, HPS = sodium vapor discharge lamps - Yellow light colour, the highest efficiency. (Street lighting and flood lighting of historic buildings
All high-intensity discharge lamps require about 2 minutes at power-up time.
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