Stadium Lights and LED Floodlights 600W - 2000W

Energy-saving floodlights with discharge lamps for indoor or outdoor lighting or apron lighting.
They are about five times as bright as halogen lamps of equal power. The lamps have an extremely long lifetime (6000 - 15,000 hours compared to incandescent lamps, with only about 1,000 hours) For operating discharge lamps, you require an ignitor and a ballast, which is usually integrated in each light fixture. Only bulbs with the specified power may be used in the spotlights. Discharge lamps are not dimmable. After switching on, it takes about 2 minutes to reach their full brightness.
NAV, HSE, HPS = sodium-vapor lamp produces yellow light,
HQI MH, HIE, HPI = Reduced emission metal vapor discharge lamp for white light.
HQL, HPL, HME = mercury vapor discharge lamp for white light.
LED needs only 1/10 of the electrical power of a halogen floodlight.


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