Active DMX Wall Junction / Splitter Box

Item number: Z-STXLR75

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Manufacturer: Kelvin


Splitter mode: On a DMX512 line or similar electrically balanced 5V level data line is connected and coupled electrically isolated from the DMX signal (booster).
Feeding mode: DMX512 signal to feed an external bus, if it is not used. This is the circuit automatically detects and waits until the intrusion of the bus is free again. (Only if all these supplies via active connection ports).
Input and output use separate drivers and are fully electrically, by optocouplers and DC-DC converter, decoupled from the bus. This avoids possible distortion (interference) effectively suppressed on the bus.
To operate a commercial power supply is sufficient with a simple stabilized DC voltage of 9 to 38V and an output of about 1W per plug-in point. Computations on a bus with a central power supply up to 32 plug-in are run.
The power supply can be done either separately or at a central location for each plug-in point. With centralized power supply is suitable for data-bus voltage and a 2 pair DMX cable (eg K-2C2).
The plug body recognizes and indicates an occupied bus (Busy LED) and a DMX signal to the external input (DMX IN).
Two jumpers allow the selection of special modes of operation: (* coming soon)
- BUS free = an active input gets the bus
- * Bus occupied = new entrance gets the bus
- * BUS = assigned manually (button) gets the bus
- * Manually (switch) the bus is held

Supply installed in hollow-wall or flush-mounted box.
Delivery: Neutrik XLR 5-pin flange plug or jack in (optional RJ45) for DMX IN DMX OUT and Busy Signal and LED.
Dimensions: 65mm diameter x 20 mm