Sodium Lamp SOX 35W LPS BY22d

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Please add following accessories:
Z-FASBYCeramic Lamp Holder BY22d10.00 €
VG-SX24-35Electronic Ballast 24V for LPS SOX LPS 35W Lamp99.96 €
VG-SX230-36Electronic Ballast LPS SOX 35W / 36W 230V70.21 €
LS-ALTOSOX36Street Light Alto SOX 35W LPS410.55 €


Radium German Brand =SOX Pro 35 - 36 watt = 179739 LPSV Low pressure sodium lamp. Yellow light colour.
Highest energy efficiency.
Manufacturer: Radium, Osram


Special lamp for street lighting and outdoor lighting with yellow light colour.
Improved contrast visibility, also at fog.
Also for b/w camera lighting.
Lumen intensity: 4,600 lm
18,000 h longlife type
Power: 35W - 36W
Socket BY22d
Burning position h110 (nearly each position)
Tubular shape
Length 311 mm
Diameter Ø 54mm

Ignition temperature to -30 °C
after approx. 1 min. cooling normally re-ignitable.
Fast restart after a short power failure (brownout).
Increased attention by the yellow light color.