Sodium Lamp SOX 35W LPS BY22d

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Please add following accessories:
Z-FASBYCeramic Lamp Holder BY22d10.00 €
VG-SX24-35Electronic Ballast 24V for LPS SOX LPS 35W Lamp104.72 €
VG-SX230-36Electronic Ballast LPS SOX 35W / 36W 230V70.21 €



Radium German Brand =SOX Pro 35 - 36 watt = 179739 LPSV Low pressure sodium lamp. Yellow light colour. Highest energy efficiency.
Radium, Osram


Special lamp for street lighting and outdoor lighting with yellow light colour.
Improved contrast visibility, also at fog.
Also for b/w camera lighting.
Lumen intensity: 4,600 lm
18,000 h longlife type
Power 36W
Socket BY22d
Burning position h110 (nearly each position)
Tubular shape
Length 311 mm, Ø 54mm