Electrical Rubber Cable 2G 4 for Street Lighting

Item number: Z-K-2X4G

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Manufacturer: Kelvin


VDE 0282, rated voltage 450/750 V.
Use: For the connection of heating appliances, industrial tools, moving equipment and machines for medium mechanical stress in dry and moist rooms and outdoors in hazardous areas, as well as in industrial and agricultural plants and construction sites.
The cables can be permanently installed in temporary buildings or construction sites and on conveyors and machines.
Special Note: If the lines are delivered by us, the insulation of ozone and light cracks resistant ethylene-propylene rubber blend. A zusätzlicherSchutz the wires to the terminal ends is not necessary.
Temperature range for fixed installation: - 40 ° C ... + 60 ° C.
Specifications: * Rated Voltage Uo / U = 450/750 V.
When protected in pipes and appliances and as rotor connecting cable of motors for moving and use: - 25 ° C ... + 60 ° C for 1000 V approved.
Minimum bending radius: - fixed installation: 4 x cable diameter - with a mobile applications: 5 x cable diameter.
Color: black.