LED-Dimmer 12V plus RF Remote Control

Item number: VS-LEDD113

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Dimmer for 12V or 24V LED strips with wireless hand controller.


The dimmer is connected between power supply (12V) and bulb.
By the small remote control, it is possible to hide the unit in a false ceiling or cabinet.
All functions can be conveniently operated from a distance. If the power supply is switched off, the last setting retained when restarting (saved).
Operating voltage 12V or 24V DC
LED current up to 6A
Frequency remote control: 433MHz
Operating distance max. 50 meter
User Manual: English
The transmitter has the keys: ''Light'', ''Dark'', ''On-Off''
For driving LEDs, 12V DC or 24V power supply is required.
Each dimmer always has a different frequency, so that one can appeal to different dimmer with various keychain.
Remote Control Black in the form of a car key, plastic.
Type of battery for remote control: A23S - 12V (not included)
Dimensions: L 110mm, w 56mm, h 34mm