MPPT Solar Battery AC Power-Inverter 230V 3kVA

Item number: VS-BW302M

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Power-Converter from 48V dc battery voltage into 230 volt ac line voltage 2400 watt, 3000 VA.


For mobile power supplies or photovoltaic solar power systems.
Battery charging is possible by grid or by solar power.
Continuous power: 2400W / 3000 VA
Output voltage: 230V 50 -60Hz, auto-sensing
Pure sine wave output
For battery systems: 48V via terminals
Max. module charging current: 60A
Solar module voltage range: 60V - 115V DC
Maximum power point tracking adjusts the solar module voltage to the battery voltage for up to 30% better efficiency.
Grid input: 90-280V 50 - 60Hz
Max. grid charging current: 20 / 30A
Efficiency: 98%
Short circuit protection and overload shutdown.
Standby power consumption only 2W
Temperature range: 0 - 55°C
Housing: Aluminium 128 x 272 x 355mm