Solar Grid-Tie Inverter 230V 5kW

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Reliable solar converter from DC to AC with grid synchronization. ES series with 5000 watt power.
Manufacturer: Effekta


This ac-inverter works without transformer with a high efficiency up to 97%.
Nominal continuous power 4600 watt
Max. power 5000 watt
Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C
Intelligent MPP (maximum power-point tracking): up to 30% more efficient power production of the solar modules.
Solar input voltage range: 120V DC ... 500V DC
2 input circuits with each 17.5 amp
Nominal output voltage 230 V AC 50Hz / 60Hz (automatically adjusting)
Single phase conversion
5 years guarantee (optionally 10 years)
For indoor and outdoor (IP65)