Dimmable Electronic Ballast 2 Lamps 26W - 42W

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TA-3610Converter 0-10v to 1-10v83.00 €
TA-36641-Channel Multifunction Light Controller MDK-ES-10428.01 €


Electronic control gear for 2 fluorescent lamps 24W - 42W, dimming 1 - 10V.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


To operate two fluorescent lamps with 4-pin socket:
TC-F / Dulux F 24W, TC-L / Dulux L / PL-L/4p, TC-DEL, TC-DEL in 24W, 26W, 36W, 40W oder 42W.
Control voltage 1 - 10V / 0.25 mA.
Operating voltage 220V - 240V AC 50/ 60Hz
Energy class A1,
Sizes: L 123mm, w 78 mm, h 32 mm.