Electronic Ballast 24V for 2 lamps T8 18W dimmable

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Dimmable dc operated electronic control gear for 2 fluorescent lamps 18 W.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


The ideal solution for railway, ship or travelling bus.
Dimming control by an electronic potentiometer or an analog light controler.
If you like to control several light fixtures with one potentiometer at the same time, the control inputs of the ballasts have to be linked together.
A separate supply voltage is not required.
With preheat, no flickering during starting
Operating voltage 20V - 30V dc (nominal 24V)
Ambient temperature -15°C ... + 50°C
Max. case temperature Tc 80°C
Dimensions: l 290mm, w 50mm, h 40mm
MOQ: 4 pcs.