HR Hot Restrike Igniter for HID, HQI, HRI 400W

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Instant start ignitor for discharge lamp restart after brown-out. 250W - 575W
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Only suitable for discharge lamps with rx7s, Fc2 or G22 socket or other designs with long contact distances.
NOT suitable for E27 or E40 sockets, because of the risk of spark-over !
Due to the very high ignition voltage also warm or hot lamps are ignited instantly and securely again.
The usual waiting time of 5 - 10 minutes is eliminated.
Symmetrical ignition method, therefore is only half the high voltage on both lamp wires.
Automatic ignition and shutdown after successful start lamp.
Renewed ignition attempts, if the lamp goes out.
Maximum duration of the ignition attempts: 6 sec
The ignitor may only be used in closed luminaires, which can only be opened with a tool (eg screwdriver).
Otherwise a safety switch must be provided to cut-off the voltage, when the case is opened.
Ignition voltage: 25-30 kV
Dimensions: length 247mm, width 66mm, height 47mm