Dimmable Electronic Ballast SD218-40 2x 24 - 40W

Item number: VG-3608-4

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1-10v dimming ballast for 2 fluorescent lamps 24, 30, 36 or 39 watt.
Manufacturer: Varintens


There is no further ballast required.
For T8 lamps: 30W, 36W or T5 HQ/ FQ: 24W, 39W.
High frequency control.
Constant light flux, even at changing line voltage.
No electrode flickering, no stroboscopic effects.
Lamp warmstart possible at any dimming value.
Automatic detection of the lamp type.
Control input 1 ... 10V current sink (0.25 mA)
Dimming range 1% ... 100%.
If the complete cut-off of the lamp is desired, an additional relay must be installed.
Operating voltage 180V ... 264V AC or DC
Energy class A1
Dimensions: L 360mm, w 30 mm, h 29 mm