Dimmable Electronic Ballast SD154-58 58W Varintens

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1 - 10 volt dimming ballast for 1 fluorescent lamp 50 ... 58 watt.
Manufacturer: Varintens


There is no additional ballast required.
High frequency control.
Constant light output, even at voltage fluctuations.
No electrode fibrillation, no stroboscopic effect.
Warm start possible at any dimming level.
Automatically detects any approved lamp.
Control input 1 ... 10V sink current (0.25 mA)
Dimming range 1% ... 100%.
If complete shutdown is desired, an additional voltage breaking relay must be installed.
Operating voltage 180V ... 264V AC or DC
Energy class A1
Power factor 0.97
Dimensions: L 360mm, W 30 mm, h 29 mm
MOQ: 5 pcs.