VIP90 /3 Varintens Intensive Pulser

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Control accessory to allow dimming of a compact fluorescent lamp TC-D 18W, TC-T 18W, PL-C 18W 4P, PL-T 18W 4P with magnetic ballast.
Manufacturer: Varintens


The control accessory of the VIP90 family allows dimming of fluorescent lamps from 0 to 100% together with a dimmer.
Several types available for PLC or LL lamps.
e.g. VIP90 /3 = for fluorescent tubes TC-D 18W, TC-T 18W, PL-C 18W 4P, PL-T 18W 4P.
The housing dimensions are constructed to fit into different fixture designs. Models are available for compact fixtures or bar fixtures.
VIP90/3, tall shape
Dimensions: L 220 mm, w 42 mm, h 28 mm.