Electronic ballast for metal halide 150W

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Electronic Control Gear with ignitor for MH HID lamp 150 watt / 230V HQI, HPI, HRI, HSI
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Flicker-free lighting and energy saving.
28% energy economization in comparison to standard ballasts.
On your choice:
Osram model 100Hz, reminder items with colour failures on the casing, but unused,
or HF flicker-free model, operating frequency: 120 Hz (interference free and flickerfree for working place or high speed camera),
Over temperature protection
Operating voltage: 220V - 240V 50Hz - 60Hz / 0.7 amp.
Ambient temperature range: -15° ... +50°C
Automatic cut-off at lamp failure.
Dimensions: 175 x 88 x 36mm