Aluminium Truss Exhibition Stand 4 x 8 Meter

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1912-3Aluminium die-cast Swivel Truss Clamp 50mm 100 kg13.69 €
TA-1116-CPAR 30 Spot Exhibition, alu-polished35.11 €
LI-3200Halogen Spot Shadow58.31 €
TR-50ClicClipClicClip for 50mm Tube14.04 €
TR-50ClipHaltClamp Fixture for Glas Plates on Truss9.40 €


Manufacturer: LitePro


For the attachment of lights, banners, etc.
Consisting Astralite trusses with 3-angular profile 23 x23 x23 cm, tube diameter 50mm.
The stand can be disassembled and transported easily. The longest cuts are 300cm long.
Can be the building block system is expandable and transformable, so that it adapted to nearly every state.
The connections are made via the supplied connector sleeves that are secured with screws.
The material is TÜV type tested and stable.
The framework is supplied without a carpet, lights and wiring and can be equipped individually according to requirements.
Please contact us for additional suggestions.
Delivery time: 10 - 14 days after receipt of order.