Aluminium Truss Tube LitePro+1, 0,6m

Item number: TR-301G060

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1912-3Aluminium die-cast Swivel Truss Clamp 50mm 100 kg14.99 €
TR-301GVSetConical Connector Set for LitePro+111.72 €
TR-50ClicClipClicClip for 50mm Tube14.04 €


Aluminium stage trussing, 60cm long. 50mm aluminium-tube.
Manufacturer: Litestructures


Aluminium-tube to hang up headlights or similar in public areas.
Diameter: 50mm, length 60cm.
The seperate tube-elements are put together without tools, using conic connectors with bolts and locking pins.
The truss-tube can be mounted directly on the ceiling or the wall by using clamps.
It is also possible to suspend the tube from the ceiling by using clamps with ears.
Maximum distance between two fixture-points: 2m,
Maximum load between two fixture-points: 25kg.
Material: aluminium. Optional the surface can be coated with RAL - colours for an extra charge of 10%.