Mobile Stage Lighting Package 2

Order code: TA-SETM2

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Availability: Production in our facilities


Standard light kit with complete light equipment for normal requests.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


High-quality system with 6 spotlights, steering and all necessary accessories.
Everything is ready to plug in for rapid assembly and dismantling of events.

4 Lens projectors 1000W
4 halogen lamps 1000W
4 color frame
2 Colour Filter Set for projectors 20x20cm / 4 filters per set
2 HAF 500 watt halogen floodlight symmetrical
2 color glasses for HAF 500 in red, yellow, green or blue
2 500 watt halogen lamp R7s tubular
1 lighting console PSL Set 12
1 Dimmer Pack 6 x 2500W Liberty
2 Tripod stand 300cm
2 T-Bar 6-channel Harting / Schuko
6 Schuko connectors female/ rubber
6 Security cable 4 mm
1 DMX control cable 20 m