Stage Lighting Package Kit 3

Order code: TA-SETI3

9406.95 je Pack .   incl. VAT plus Shipping cost

Availability: Production in our facilities

Please add following accessories:
Z-K-2C2-034DMX Data Cable 034F flexible2.32 €
Z-K-DMX510DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 10 meter56.17 €
TA-1917-3Half Coupler 50mm with Lifting Eye34.87 €
TA-1912-5Aluminium die-cast Swivel Truss Clamp 50mm 500 kg26.18 €
TA-1930-5Pendant Line for Trusses up to 5m height42.84 €


Professional stage light equipment for universities with theatre groups.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


High-quality system with 14 lights, control and all necessary accessories.
The installation must be performed by a specialist.

2 load bar for hanging the lights 300cm.
4 hinged hook with eyelet + 8 steel cables for hanging up to 500cm.
6 lens spotlights 1000W + halogen lamps
6 color filter + color filter frame
16 Clamps + 4mm safety rope
6 Stage Floodlights + 500W halogen lamp
6 barndoors
2 single stands 240 cm + TV Spigot
2 profile spots 1000W with halogen lamps
1 lighting console Piccolo LT 24
1 Wall Dimmer 12x 2500W
2 Schoko extension cable 25m
1 DMX control cable 10m assembled
1 DMX control cable 75 meters
2 wall plug points for selectively connecting the control console.
1 DMX jumper cable.