Mirror Ball 50cm

Item number: TA-5019

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1105CPinspot PAR 36 TUV GS chrome19.04 €
TA-1106SPinspot PAR36 Economy, black22.02 €
Z-L-8012Lamp 111 PAR36 Halospot, 35W 6V10.47 €
TA-1109Colour Wheel with motor for Pinspot20.71 €
TA-5052Mirror Ball Motor 50cm69.62 €


With crystal glass mirrors
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Crystal glass mirror ball 500mm diameter.
For rotating a mirror ball motor is required.
It may only be used with safety shaft engines, as protection against falls.
The glitter effect is reinforced by spotlighting with two or three point sources,
these are halogen lights with very concentrated light beam wich can also be equipped with color screens.