Colour Mix Controller MC1 for electronic ballasts

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For stepless light colour mixing and fading of fluorescent lamps.
Manufacturer: Varintens


The 4-color RGB control can be dimmable fluorescent ballasts 4 (or groups of lamps) drive in the colors red, green, blue and white.
Over a bridge can be limited to the control 3 channels (only colors without white).
Selection of eight pre-programmed color runs.
Selectable run times from 15 sec to 30 min
It is controlled by 3 external buttons connectable (10V).
Output 1 - 10 Volt current sink / max. 50mA per channel.
Minimum value adjustable 0 - 5 volts.
Maximum value adjustable from 2.5 to 10 volts.
Operating voltage 230V ac
DIN rail: width 53mm, height 90mm, depth 62mm.