Dimmer-Flightcase Digital 18 Ch. 63 Amp

Item number: TA-3405-06

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Please add following accessories:
TA-3261LT Dimmerpack TOTEM 12x 3KW Harting Triac4016.25 €
TA-3263LT Dimmer Pack TOTEM 6 x 6KW Harting4043.62 €
TA-3266LT Dimmer Pack TOTEM 3 x 12KW Harting6152.30 €
Z-K-DMX500DMX data cable 5-pole, 0.5 meter34.15 €



Can be assembled with max. 18 dimming channels. Total load up to 43kW.


Ready prepared to carry up to 18 channels, max. total load 43 kw.
For continuous operation, fanforced cooling.
High operation security by dividing on several control cpu.
Several, 3 phase power supplies for the control electronics for non-interrupting operation also, if one ore two mains phases fail.
Highest filtering quality, extreme low harmonics.
To be assembled with digital dimmers 2500 W, 3000 W, 6000 W or 12.000 W. (Not included in this rack)
The specifications of the dimming slides you find in the description of the dimming pack.
Protected by a general mains breaker and an earth-fault protection 30 mA.
The rack is ready wired. Connection of mains supply by a CEE 3x 63A connector.
Load connection by 6 x Harting 16 pole connector. DMX in and out with XLR 5 pole sockets.
Rigid flightcase on wheels (2x breakable). Back and front cover can be removed.
Dimensions: height 1000 mm x width 560 mm x depth 600 mm.