4-Channel Dimmer for Push Button UDK-U4-10 ETS

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Please add following accessories:
TA-3324Electronic Dimmer Potentiometer Recessed f. ballasts49.86 €
VS-DIN24-1Power Adaptor 24V DC 1A for DIN rail71.40 €


For resistive, capacitive, inductive loads. 4 channels x 570 watt. Control by 4x one button boards.
Manufacturer: Varintens


SDK-U4 transistor dimmer for DIN rail mounting on 35mm DIN rail.
4 channels each max. 2.5 A.
2 channels can be linked together to increase the load up to 1140 watt.
Automatic load detection trailing edge / leading edge mode.
Control via 4-wall keypads, each with a key.
This may include any key (open) floating, can be used.
By briefly pressing the corresponding channel can be switched ON or OFF.
By depressing the channel will dim light or dark until the button is released.
4 additional outputs 24 volts can be used to control relays.
Supply voltage 24V AC or DC / 40mA required (Please add the additional electricity demand expected if the external relays!)
Width 234 mm, height 90 mm, depth 44 mm