LT Dimmerpack TOTEM 12x 3KW Harting Triac

Item number: TA-3261

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Please add following accessories:
Z-K-DMX502DMX data cable 5-pole, 2 meter38.32 €
Z-STXLR51XLR 5-pole connector female6.35 €
Z-STXLR50XLR 5-pole connector male5.84 €
Z-STHAR30Harting 24-pin Connector Housing w. 4 bolts, side entry22.91 €
Z-STHAR31Male Insert 24-pin for Harting connector19.40 €
Z-K-DMX500DMX data cable 5-pole, 0.5 meter34.15 €
TA-3270Option Liberty 2x 16 pol Harting Outlet113.05 €


Full digital dimmer, very low-noise with 12 channels per 3000 watt. 19-inch.
Manufacturer: LT Light Technology


Leading-edge dimmer for standard lamps or magnetic transformers.
The CPU is supplied by three power supplies from 3 phases, which secures operation, also if a mains phase fails.
Inputs: Analogue 0-10 volts, DMX512 or Midi.
The DMX starting address can be set between 1 - 512.
For each channel several dimming curves can be selected.
8 internal memories can be used as standalone preset or as backup scene.
Fan forced cooling for continuous operation. Over voltage protection 400 volts.
Menu functions, adjustable minimum limit, operating hours counter, ornament lighting effects operating temperature watch, mains voltage, mains frequency, test ....
Excellent noise filtering with 305 µsec rise time at a load range 25% to 110% !!! If the connected load is below 25% of the allowed load the filtering decreases linear.
Each channel is protected by a double pole magnetic breaker.
Power supply 3 x 230V 63 amp via Harting 80 amps connector. Load connection over Harting 24-pole connector.
Luminaries protection with adjustable delay time (30…500 ms).
Slow rearm at dimmer starting, to prevent high insrush currents at full load.
Made in EU
Dimensions: W 483 (19 inch) x H 176 (4 U) x D 430 mm, protection IP 20, 10 years free support.