GeoDim LOG 6x 2.5kW DMX Dimming Pack

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Digital dimmer from Europe production 6x 2300W Schuko or Harting. DMX-512.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Input DMX 512 in/out via XLR 5-pin sockets.
Outputs: 6 x Schuko outlet.
Each circuit is protected by a magnetic breaker.
Mains connection 3x 230V 32A via screw terminals, and (optionally 1.5 m power cord).
Low-noise leading-edge dimmer.
Good noise suppression: Rise time > 120 µsec
Comfortable operation menu with illuminated display.
Starting address, preheat and individually selectable dim- and switching-curves can be set via the menu.
Powerful fan for continuous dimmer operation.
Overheat protection.
Over voltage protection 400V for the mains input
Made in EU / service in Germany.
19-inch rack: W 483mm x H 132mm (2U) x D 360mm.
Minimum order 2 pcs Delivery time approximately 3-6 weeks.
Alternative: Liberty Series. TA-3200